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Jute Toy's & Cotton Rope Tugs


100% Biodegradable
An All-Natural Vegetable Fiber Products
Durable, Long Lasting Toys & Tugs
An ideal interactive pet toy, throw or tug

Jute is a plant fiber that is used throughout world for a wide range of it is spun into natural coarse thread which has a very hight tensile strength. It is quickly recognized in Europe where it is used as gunny sacks and here in north America as burlap bags.It's natural off white, light Brown color makes it an ideal material fot the garments trade because of its breathability. We have created this series of jute pets toys & tugs because of its durability, natural looks & availability as a 100% biodegradble & recyclable product that is earth friendly.



Cotton is an all natural fiber that is extremely strong and durable. Our all organic natural, 100% cotton rope toy-tugs are great interactive toy. In addition to being a great way to promote better dental hygiene by flossing their teeth, these quality cotton toy tugs will provide you and tour dog with hours of outdoor fun.




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