Eco- Sensitive,Quality Conscious,Good Value Products for your pets
Advance Pet Products
140 Advance Blvd./ Unit# 9 Brampton,Ontario- L6T4Z8

Since its inception Advance Pet Product has achieved tremendous success as a manufacturer and exporter of Stainless Steel Utensils in India.

In addition to a full line of standard products, Advance Pet Product specializes in developing new products as per specifications provided by the buyer. This not only helps in expanding our horizon but also gives us tremendous satisfaction by providing new quality products to meet the specific needs of our valued customers. Our selling concept is simple - every item in an ever growing range must be sold at an unbelievable value for the money without compromising with quality. This simple concept has worked wonders for the company in carving a niche for itself in the quality conscious international market

All our dishes are made of high quality, re-rolling high-carbon, non-magnetic stainless steel.

Other products in the market frequently have low-quality electroplating. If the surface is scratched, the nickel layer may peel off. We are proud to present high-quality electroplated (High Chrome) products to assure adhesion of the nickel layer.

We care about you and we care about your pets! Our non-skid bowls are fastened with natural rubber gaskets instead of PVC gaskets. Natural rubber does not contain chemicals that may be harmful to your pets and it allows for more grip and retains its original shape. However, PVC gaskets, on the other hand, can become amorphous after two to three washings.

Our Quality Control Department adheres to the highest standards and each piece is inspected individually before packing. The development rational of the company ensures that the quality of the support systems and ability to manage business effectively always exceeds the demands made by a rapidly expanding and dynamic business. This very rational also enables the company to recognize the needs of the customer and to fulfill it immediately. This has helped us in maintaining a long list of highly satisfied customers all over the world.